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Your van is probably used to transport valuable tools or goods on a regular basis. It may even be your livelihood. Thieves know this, and they know that targeting a parked van can win them a valuable haul of tools, equipment, and sometimes products they can sell. Unfortunately, van break-ins are on the rise. Every year, criminals become more advanced and capable of breaking into vehicles faster and more successfully.

That’s why it’s so important to ensure your van is as protected as possible. You may have an alarm – which is essential – but really, it’s the locks that are the real barrier and deterrent for potential thieves.

Standard Van Locks vs Additional Van Locks

Sure, every van comes with standard fitted locks, and these are effective in their own way. However, on their own, they are just not advanced enough to prevent break-ins.

Criminals can easily handle these locks. You need to stay a few steps ahead, with additional locks.

Choosing the Right Van Lock

There are many van locks on the market. Choosing the right one for your vehicle and budget takes a bit of research. It can be confusing trying to sift through all of the makes and models on supplier sites, so we have given you a quick overview here to get you started.

The two main types are deadlocks and slam locks. Some commercial vans will have additional locks and security fitted, but if you’re looking for a good place to start, deadlocks and slam locks are the way to go.

Van deadlock


Deadlocks are one of the strongest available van locks, generally with a complex 7-pin cylindrical composition. A deadlock is fitted to your van’s door, and operates by pushing and securing a bolt into a receiver that is fitted in the opposite door or body section.

This kind of sturdy bolt is a major deterrent to thieves.

Van slam lock

Slam Locks

This type of lock can be useful, because as the name might suggest, it locks when you slam the van door. It’s useful because it happens automatically, meaning you’ll never forget to lock the van. Slam locks are usually designed with a maximum security cylinder, and can only be opened with the correct key.

What to Look For when getting a Van Lock

When you decide on the type of lock you want, you then need to choose a make and model.

To keep you focused as you look through the countless variations available, here are 5 factors to consider when making your choice:

  1. Effectiveness: Does it provide that extra security you need?
  2. Durability: Is it built for the long-haul?
  3. Usability: Is it easy for you to use several times a day?
  4. Budget: Does it fit within your price range?
  5. Appearance: Not top of the list, but it’s worth considering how it will look, especially if you drive a commercial vehicle.

Choose Quality & Get the Right Advice

You may have an idea which type of lock is right for you, but it’s always wise to get good, professional advice.

We can help you choose the right lock to give your van maximum security at all times.

If you’d like guidance on choosing a van lock, or to book an installation, call us:

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